Before retirement I played golf, but not on a regular basis.  I was too busy with work and family obligations.  After retirement, I didn't have anybody to play with.  All that changed when I joined SIR.  Branch 98 has over 200 players who participate, some every week and some only occasionally.  If you love to golf but don't have a playing partner I highly recommend joining SIR.

Pete Morelli

SIR Division II Golf Chairman, SIR Inc.


I've been a member of SIR Br. 98 for the past 6 years and what a difference it has made to my retirement life.  Once I retired I lost my social network that goes with working life.     SIR has provided me with a new network of friends that I socialize with daily.  Be it on the golf course, going out to lunch, dining out with couples or just chatting over e-mail.  If you are looking to boost your social network, I highly recommend joining your local SIR Branch and getting involved with men that share your common interests.

Giorgio Dina

Area Governor , SIR Inc.

Why Should I Join?

Are you retired or semi-retired and want to make new friends, participate in fun activities and better enjoy your leisure time?   Then join SIR!

SIR Membership is open to men regardless of age, race, national origin or religion.  Begun in 1958, SIR has thousands of members and Branches in most areas of Central and Northern California  Surely there is a Branch near you.  Click here to see the “Branch Locations”  for specific localities.

We create activities that our members enjoy.

Our members have lots of fun doing a variety of activities such as golf, fishing, bridge, and computers.  Also, we have monthly luncheons with interesting speakers.  Many activities like travel, card games, picnics, and holiday parties include our ladies and guests. 

What are you waiting for?

There is no better time to apply for membership into SIR Branch 98 than right now.  It’s quick and simple, just follow the below steps and you’re on your way to enjoying the benefits of being a SIR.

Six quick steps to apply for membership!

  • Download our Membership Application form
  • Fill in the data on the Form
  • Sign it electronically
  • Get your Sponsor to sign it.
  • Save it.
  • Complete the e-mail form below and click Send to transmit the form to our Membership Chairman



Download our Membership Application Now!