Do you like to cook? Eat? Drink?

If you answered yes to any of the above then you should consider joining us at our next Chef’s Table!  We are eight guys that like to do all of the above.  We gather once a month at each others house where we prepare a luncheon menu selected by the host then sit down and enjoy the meal and conversation.  Oh and we also have a glass or two of our favorite beverages!  If this sounds like fun . . .

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Chef’s Table Members making Ice Cream the hard way!

Boy, do we have fun!  Eating, Drinking, Hootin, and Holerin!

Click on a name to get the address, phone number, and directions.

2120 Heritage Dr.,  Roseville  (916) 773-1424   Gate Code #9063   Click here for a map.

6932 Boulder Rd., Granite Bay, (916) 791-3358. Click here for a map.

200 Stamos Ct., Roseville (916) 772-4138 Click here for directions.

721 KELLERMAN CT, GRANITE BAY, (916) 521-9998 Gate Code #8675  Click here for directions.

216 County Down Ct.,  Roseville  (916)772-3257   Gate Code #9063   Click here for a map.

2016 Shropshire St., Roseville,  (916) 771-8531Click here for directions.

1600 Snapdragon Ln., Roseville, (916) 768-6942  Click here for directions. 

1175 Picket Fence Ln., Lincoln (916) 622-4791  Click here for directions.