For future Branch 98 luncheons, you will have the option to prepay your lunch and not stand in line before heading into our meeting room and/or the bar. The option is now available to use our new website to sign up for luncheons.

It is simple and hassle-free. 

Here is how it works:

1. Mail your check for $24 to either our Assistant Treasurer (TBD) or Treasurer (Bill Kemper) no later than one week prior to the luncheon and they MUST BE RECEIVED SEVEN (7) DAYS prior to our meeting on the second Wednesday of the month. Anyone that has pre-paid and then notifies either the Assistant Treasurer (TBD) or Treasurer (Bill Kemper) by the prepaid deadline that they will not be able to attend, will have their payments credited to the following luncheon. Any prepayment received by the deadline but failing to provide notification of non-attendance by the deadline will forfeit their payment

Make payable to SIR BRANCH 98- Not to our Treasurer by name!
Mail check to
    LINCOLN, CA 95648

2.   Use Electronic Funds Transfers (EFT’s) via your Banking online bill pay to make this even easier.  Instructions are on the button bars to the right of this text.  Most banks also offer a Zelle feature, when you set it up at your bank, where you can make transfers directly into our Branch 98 checking account as you can do with regular EFT’s.  Once set up the first time, you can use Zelle to pay Dues, Luncheons and Events in the future whenever you’d like.  EFT payments must be received in our Branch checking account with the same deadline as other payments which is five days before the luncheon.

 3. The day of the luncheon, go to the Express table outside our meeting room and pick up your badge, meal and raffle tickets and you are all set to go!

4. Payments received after the due date will be held at the normal check-in line and you will wait your turn to as you would normally do. A list of prepaid members will be posted outside the meeting room for you to verify that your payment was received so you can move on to the Express Lane. If you are not on the prepaid list, please go to the normal line.  You can also look at our website in the pre-paid luncheon section to ensure your payment has been received in time.

5. Special vegetarian meal requests must be noted with your advance payment or you will be dining on the normal menu.  You are encouraged to mail payments even earlier and avoid the last minute hassle.

Free lunch drawing- Every month a member who has prepaid using our new website will be selected for a free luncheon coupon to be used at a future luncheon.  Don’t miss your chance for a free meal!!!!

BILL KEMPER billkemper63@gmail.com (410) 279-0809