FAQ – Check Payments

There are two ways to pre-pay via check! 

The first consists of writing a check to Branch 98 and sending it via US Mail to our Treasurer at his home address.  (You can find out who is the current Treasurer by clicking on Our Officers A second and easier method to pre-pay (ePay) for lunch is to use the online Bill Pay process associated with your bank checking account!

  • To use the online Bill Pay process associated with your banking account. We all likely pay some or most of our bills using the online Bill Pay process that is linked to our banking account(s). The process is straightforward and summarized as follows;
    1. Open your banking online Bill Pay process and designate “SIRS Branch 98” as a Payee (this is a one-time activity),
    2. If desired, create a nickname for this bill payee such as “Luncheon Payments” which makes it very clear what this bill payment is for,
    3. If your bank’s online Bill Pay process requires an account number, suggest using the Branch’s Tax ID no.942883907.
    4. Provide the Treasurer’s address (3466 Paseo Mira Vista, Lincoln, CA 95648) as the payee’s billing address (i.e.,. where the bank will send the check–free of charge to you),
    5. Identify which one of your bank accounts you desire the one-time payment to be withdrawn from,
    6. Select “make payment” and ensure the check’s delivery date is at least one week prior to the respective luncheon,
    7. And, you are done! No stamps were required, and nothing needs to be mailed by you.  Once this Payee (SIRS Branch 98) is set up in your online Bill Payment Process you can simply select this Payee each month, then select “make payment” of $24.00, verify the delivery date, and that is it!