SIRs Wine Group

Who doesn’t love wine?  The Wine Group currently has 36 members and has had eight events since its beginning in October 2015.  The group gets together once every three months for an event; the events vary and among them there have been two wine tastings in a private residence (one with a presentation by a Sommelier), a formal dinner with tasting at both Del Webb Roseville and Catta Verdera, a picnic in the park with wine tasting and a quiz, a tasting and wine trivia quiz at Naggier Winery and a pizza party with wine at Popie’s Winery Tasting Room in Loomis.  Other events on the horizon include a possible trip to Murphys with a dinner and wine tasting and a visit to another winery.

The group is led by Joe LaPira, a member since 2015.  Interested in joining?

Photos from the most recent event:  A Picnic in the Loomis Basin South Park.  There were appetizers with a cold white wine, a bring-your-own-lunch, and a red wine tasting with a quiz.  Members were challenged to identify which continent and country each disguised wine came from.  Tom Freschi served as narrator and six bottles of wine were raffled off.  Aldo Pardini was the happy winner of one of the bottles.  If this sounds like fun then . . .

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